Welcome to Mathzor!

No one doubts that when it comes to mastering math facts, repetition is important. Flash cards and timed tests have long served as the practice method of choice, but these require card shuffling and self-monitoring. Wouldn't it be great to have a never-ending shuffled set of math problems that self-adjust in level based on a student's mastery? This website generates just that. Results are then compiled into reports which you can access at any time. Designed by an elementary school teacher (with a little help from a programmer), this integrated system can greatly assist your students not only master their basic math facts, but also develop their number sense and logical skills.

Reports are available for both principals (showing overall school progress) and teachers (monitoring the daily progress of students).

Now for Tablets!

With more schools getting iPads and other tablets, we've redesigned Mathzor for an even better experience on the latest devices. Quizzes now have a custom keyboard for quick answer entry and the activities scale to accomodate any number of screen sizes and resolutions.

Why Not Start a Competition?

Looking for a fun way to kick off the new school year and engage students in learning? Consider a school-wide Mathzor Math Facts Competition! Here's how it works. Provide each classroom an airplane labeled with their homeroom. In order for students to move the airplane, all they have to do is log in and practice their basic math facts. For every 3 minutes a student practices, their classroom airplane will move 1 mile. Simple select a destination (maybe sunny Hawaii or historic Washington D.C.). The first class to reach this destination could win a classroom party.

Risk Free

We welcome you to try our program for 30 days, risk free. No credit card or any payment information required. If you like the program (and we're sure you will), the cost is only $1 per student for the entire year.